Can someone recommend an alternate for Manchengo? I canNOT find it in the stores anywhere. And the staff look at me like I'm crazy when I ask.

  • Posted by: Angel
  • August 19, 2013


Maedl August 20, 2013
PS I've been the recipient of similar looks from staff members. One of the most egregious instances was when I asked for farro in an Italian shop here in Germany and the woman gave me that 'dumb foreigner' look and laughed as I walked out. And she runs a shop that purports to sell Italian products. HA!
Maedl August 20, 2013
Manchego should be available at a large grocery store--Whole Foods sells it, as does Costco. I, too, would use pecorino as a substitute--or another sheep or goat cheese. Just be sure you don't oversalt the dish if you use a salty cheese. The flavor will be a bit different, but it will still taste good.
Susan H. August 19, 2013
You can find Manchego cheese at Trader Joe's.
pierino August 19, 2013
Manchego is a firm sheep's milk cheese from Spain. It has a distinctive rind. I will politely disagree with HalfPint on parmigiano which is a cow's milk cheese. Unfortunately most of the substitutes I can think of are likely to be harder to find than Manchego (Idizabal). I would go with a pecorino sardo or romano over parmigiano. It's most likely going to be "saltier" than Manchego but, oh well.
HalfPint August 19, 2013
@pierino, I suggested parmesan for availability rather than flavor. And I purposely specified "parmesan" rather than parm reg, because well, the store might not know about parmigiano either, or for that matter, pecorino sardo. In the end, the cheese is going into an arugula and walnut pesto, two assertive flavors, so I figured that mild hard cheese, that she could find, would work too.
HalfPint August 19, 2013
Parmesan cheese should work also.
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