Best Mugs for Avoiding Tea/Coffee Stains

Hi Everyone!

I am in the market for new mugs/tea cups. I like a porcelain set but in the past they stained very quickly from tea/coffee and were hell to clean! Any advice on a great brand or material of mugs that will be long-lasting and not stain so much?


  • Posted by: Sara
  • August 19, 2013


Abgelbmw123 April 6, 2020
I clean my tea stained mugs with comet bathroom and kitchen cleanser.
Ellie1066 August 21, 2013
Soak them in denture tablets !
cookbookchick August 20, 2013
Of course, you could always go for black! ;-)
E. B. August 20, 2013
I've had good luck with pottery ones. With some looking, you can find ones that look "more delicate" rather than "more homey", if that's your style preference. Just make sure it is made with a food-safe glaze.
Maedl August 20, 2013
A little bit of bleach will remove the stain easily. Just wash the cup,well afterwards.
T.T. August 19, 2013
Hard water can be a culprit. I noticed less staining of coffee and tea implements when I switched to filtered water.
Pam P. August 19, 2013
How about clear thick-ish glass? I use one for tea (two cups a day) and no stains! Ikea carries them. Bodum has nice double-walled coffee mugs if you are feeling more fancy!
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