Having a condo meeting at my apartment at 10 AM on a Saturday. I need suggestions what light and easy to serve. Would a Rum Cake be in order?

Coffee, Tea, Juice, Water?
This will be a group of approximately 10 to 12 persons.

  • Posted by: Hapigal
  • November 3, 2017


Richard November 5, 2017
scruz November 3, 2017
i hate to be a buzz kill, and i am not so afflicted, but i think substance abuse people would appreciate not having alcohol in treats. some people are more lax about it and understand most of the alcohol is evaporated, but some are very strict. i knew someone who wouldn't touch anything fermented. i think he has since relaxed about it.
BerryBaby November 4, 2017
Or offer two choices one with it and one without.
mstv November 3, 2017
I would think maybe a blueberry coffee cake or muffins, fruit, beverages.

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irina November 3, 2017
As a member of a Condo Board, I would say no.
I would go for mini croissants, Krispy Kreme, etc.
Fresh squeezed OJ, Prosecco and Coffee, regular and decaf.
That would be a lovely spread and appropriate for the time and event.
Lucie M. November 3, 2017
When hosting a big party I like to go for wine poached fruit. You can serve them with biscuits and some ice-cream to make it fancier !

sexyLAMBCHOPx November 3, 2017
Nah, IMHO. Pound cake, mini muffins, coffee cake.
Matilda L. November 3, 2017
When is a rum cake not in order???! (Can you tell I love rum cake?)
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