I would like to buy a vintage, Italian, used coffee maker; which brand makes the best coffee and about how much should I expect to pay?

Petite fee


PHIL May 24, 2016
I have a few pots but now I use a Nespresso machine. It is by far the best espresso I have had. You can taste test it at one of their boutiques. It makes rich very smooth espresso.
Petite F. May 23, 2016
Thank you for all your advices. I should've mentioned that I would like 4 to 6 cup stove top coffee maker. I am also not a frequent coffee drinker but when I do drink coffee, I would like it to taste rich and smooth not watery and strong.
dinner A. May 13, 2016
Do you mean an espresso machine, or a stovetop moka pot? I've been eyeing some beautiful vintage moka pots online, but have been restrained by uncertainty about how well they work. The ones I've seen that look nice are often around $50-100.
pierino May 13, 2016
Bialetti is a good brand and would fall within your price range. Some of the nicer ones like the style Your Guardian Chef is suggesting are super cool but they can take up half a kitchen counter, but sleek as a juke box. Think of classic Italian design from the 1960's.
dinner A. May 13, 2016
Not my price range, just stating what I've observed for attractive vintage moka pots. Your Guardian Chef linked to an espresso machine, and I'm talking about an entirely different apparatus, a moka pot - the stovetop coffee percolator that is extremely common in Italian homes. Bialetti makes both espresso machines and moka pots. Their moka pot is the iconic shape and the most commonly sold new one in the US at least, but I'm interested in some of the less common vintage styles. It's not clear which type of apparatus Petite fee is interested in, but they are also looking for a vintage one.
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