I'm making tiramisu for the first time this weekend. Any tips?

  • Posted by: KBDalen
  • August 19, 2013


Ellie1066 August 21, 2013
Good quality coffee and mascarpone obviously has to Italian.illy is my fav
mensaque August 20, 2013
Don't make the coffee too strong or it will overpower the cheese and chocolate.
cookbookchick August 20, 2013
Italian ladyfingers work best if you have an Italian store nearby.
cookbookchick August 20, 2013
They come packaged.
Mi B. August 20, 2013
Don't buy the lady fingers from the bakery section. Try to get the ones that are thick (about half inch). I learned this tip from ATK.
GavinAvery August 20, 2013

The lady fingers will soak up more coffee than you think. Don't be afraid to soak them. I put the coffee in a shallow dish and dunk the lady fingers. I give them a good turn or two and that seems to work pretty well for me. There is nothing worse than a tiramisĂș that is full of dry lady fingers. Hope this helps!
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