Replacing raw egg in tiramisu dessert with flan

So I'm pregnant, and my husband wants tiramisu for his birthday. I usually don't have a problem making desserts for people's birthdays that I can't eat, I can make almost anything but am picky on what I eat (like tres leches, I bake it for most of his family but I can't stand soaked dessert 😣). However, in this case, I love tiramisu but don't want to risk the raw eggs. I'm planning to make the regular version for him and the guests (served in small serving bowls) and make a couple in a different manner in which I want someone's advice. What is I make flan, then whisk it until it's a cream texture and incorporate that into the mascarpone/whip cream mixture instead? Would that work??

  • Posted by: LAR6
  • August 23, 2020


HalfPint August 23, 2020
I think you want to make a sabayon which would cook the egg yolks. Here's a tiramisu recipe that cooks the egg yolks. Here's a recipe with the sabayon:

LAR6 August 23, 2020
A sabayon, which I have made before (I've used it for chocolate mousse), actually it's still not considered a fully cooked egg composition. At least not for pregnant women food safety standards.
However, I ran out of time so I went ahead and made the leche flan in the oven. Then chilled it, and then creamed it and whipped with mascarpone cheese and then incorporated the whipped cream. I tried the composition and it tasted great! The consistency was perfect as well (not to dense and very airy). I haven't eaten it with the cake as a whole yet but I'm certain altogether it will taste just as good. So I guess this is a viable fully cooked egg option for tiramisu. I couldn't find any recipe or reference online mentioning this option. I can't believe others haven't thought of this, at least nothing searchable online.
Nancy August 23, 2020
I don't know about flan, but I've often uses soft tofu to replace eggs in both sweet and savory dishes.
This is one place where the blandness of tofu is a'll only taste all the other regular tiramisu ingredients.
If tofu is ok with you and your doctor, go for it.
[Use 1:1 volume tofu for eggs, whip it with blender, processor or whisk. Then add to recipe,]
LAR6 August 23, 2020
Unfortunately I can't stand the taste of tofu. I know most people say it's bland but I have very sensitive taste buds and I could tell if I would add it in =/
I was hoping someone else tried the flan before so they could let me know how it turned out for them. My only other solution would just be to omit the eggs altogether but I know it won't hate like tiramisu..
My thoughts are that flan is basically baked custard instead of slightly heated and whisked so it might give it the same flavor but I just hope it won't change the texture.
LAR6 August 23, 2020
Taste* not hate, Sorry about my Swype.
Nancy August 23, 2020
Lar6 -
Ok, tofu is not for you.
Two more ideas:
• ice cream (especially a super-preimum brand) is essentially a chilled custard. Pick a flavor you like, soften some and add to the tiramisu
• This year, make another fancy Italian or French dessert that doesn't use eggs. Go back to tiramisu next year.

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