Wedding Tiramisu in August

I am making tiramisu for a friend's outdoor wedding in early August. I was wondering if anyone has used meringue powder in place of egg whites in a tiramisu filling, as well as pastry cream instead of whipping cream. My hope is that by switching these two ingredients the mascarpone filling will be a bit more stable in the assumed heat. Any suggestions/thoughts?



irishchef June 12, 2012
If you prepare the Tiramisu in a 2" hotel pan, that pan can then be placed in a 4" or 6" hotel pan that is filled part way w/ice and covered. (A chaffing dish can be rented) Also to stabilize your sabayon you could add a small packet of plain gelatin to it.
Garlic F. June 5, 2012
I agree with Sarah on both points of food safety and make a tiramisu-like cake instead. Cooked cream and such will be safer than uncooked. I've made a variation for a friend's bridal shower making a cake filled with whipped ganache flavored with a few drops of coffee extract and drizzled with more ganache... My friend is a chocoholic, btw. I garnished it with chocolate-covered strawberries. It survived the 100 degree heat and 90% humidity.
Reiney June 5, 2012
A word of caution: I'd be equally concerned with food safety as stability. In particular, pastry cream in the heat is as much of a food danger as mayonnaise or leftover rice. To keep that food-safe, you have to keep it chilled (so you might as well make the recipe as you would ordinarily).

An alternative might be to make a tiramisu-inspired dessert - i.e. take the components of marscapone, coffee, marsala, cream, sponge and make a cake of some sort?
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