best pie pan

what is the best all round pie pan?

  • Posted by: fhp
  • September 1, 2013


ChefJune September 4, 2013
If you looked in my pantry you'd easily see I prefer Pyrex. I have four vintage Pyrex pans. I've been wishing someone would give me an Emile Henry one, but I'm refusing to pay for it! ;)
catalinalacruz September 4, 2013
I love my old, glass Pyrex pie dish. It came from a thrift store, priced about $2. Evenly browns the crust, 9.5' dia., has two "ears" for easy lifting, it's deep to prevent bubbling over, and with fluting to give the crust edge a little shape. Vintage ones can be had on eBay.
Danizmango September 4, 2013
The best pan is the simplest---I believe it's the Chicago metallic one. It is lightweight and cooks the most evenly in my experience. It has tiny holes in the bottom. And it's cheaper/easier to store. I use the Emile Henry pan if presentation needs to be an issue.
ChefOno September 2, 2013

I love my Emile Henry pie plate for its presentation value but sadly its deep dish design isn't what I need most of the time. :-(

boulangere September 2, 2013
An Emile Henry pie plate may be a bit of an investment, but it will never let you down. Made of Burgundian clay, the overall browning and crispness it yields are unparalleled. And then there's that 10-year warranty. You can read about them here:
And here's one that's on sale:
fhp September 2, 2013
Thanks. That's what I was about to buy and then I read all these comments at Amazon about how the "new" pyrex is less durable than the "old" pyrex. Who knew?
Glass pie pans shattering in the oven? Yikes! BTW... the more ubiquitous the better.
ChefOno September 1, 2013

Aren't all pie pans round?

I think Pyrex is the way to go, at least while you're learning the art. Clear glass allows you to see what's happening while the pie is baking. It doesn't hurt that it's ubiquitous, inexpensive, durable and transmits heat appropriately for the purpose.

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