Best way of making multiple tarts when you only have one tart pan?

Hi, I have one round tart pan but for an upcoming party want to make three tarts. As I don't want to buy two additional pans, what's the best way to get the cooked tart off the pan base so that I can reuse it? Parchment? Grease the heck out of it? Thanks!!



rt21 May 17, 2012
What about making galettes instead of tarts, they are free form so you don't need a pan
em-i-lis May 17, 2012
it sure does, and i was NEVER good at those. :)
boulangere May 17, 2012
My palms started to sweat just reading your question.
boulangere May 17, 2012
This sounds like a math story problem ;0)
SeaJambon May 17, 2012
Yes, just (gently) peel away the parchment.
em-i-lis May 30, 2012
SeaJambon, the parchment and peeling worked like a charm! Perfection!! Many thanks!
Pegeen May 17, 2012
Baking "ship"?! Hate auto-correct! I meant, of course, baking "sheet."
em-i-lis May 17, 2012
:) great tip. thanks!
Pegeen May 17, 2012
Easy! Just use Amanda's great tip for dividing a baking ship using a folded strip of foil.
You could divide a baking sheet into as many different "tarts" as you like.
SeaJambon May 17, 2012
I'm a very big fan of parchment for situations just like this. Foil could also work nicely.
em-i-lis May 17, 2012
Thank you SeaJambon. I like the idea of parchment but would then just pull the parchment gently off the bottom of the tart so you've got the base back and a parchment-free tart? My brain is not working today!
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