I'm roasting chicken for a crowd tonight, using parts rather than whole birds. How do I adjust the cooking times for quantity & for parts vs.

Doubling the recipe.



Danizmango September 4, 2013
Thanks for all the good advice. I will be Zen and taking breathing room while I cook. Thank you!
pierino September 4, 2013
To add to the good advice you've already received I will just say, "it's done when it's done". Zen but true. Use an instant read to check the temperature of the larger pieces. For poultry that should be about 160F.
amysarah September 4, 2013
For a large quantity of parts, I'd do separate pans for the white and dark meat, as the former will be done before the latter. Makes it easier to manage. Only other advice is don't crowd your pans - to roast properly, the parts need air circulating around them. (The pieces will shrink a bit as they cook, so a couple of inches of space is fine; just don't pile them, or they'll steam/stew instead of getting that crispy roasted skin.)
Monita September 4, 2013
I roast chicken parts in a 350 oven for one hour. The amount of parts doesn't change the cooking time.
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