Has anyone used woodchips in an oven like this recipe?


Would it set off the smoke detector when trying to remove the bird? Most of the birds I get are kosher so I don't know how I'd use a brine that wouldn't destroy the bird. Lastly, what would be the time difference for cooking between a whole bird and a bone in breast?



Sam1148 January 29, 2016
The Smoking Gun. Home Smoker is good thing to use if you like smoked stuff in a apartment setting.

It was available via Food52 store..can't find it now.

cookbookchick January 29, 2016
Kosher turkeys are already brined.
Nancy January 29, 2016
Haven't made this dish, but have heard horror stories about how, yes the smoke alarm goes off, and more to the point, the smoke gets into everything.
If you have an outdoor grill, especially one with a cover, you can probably adapt the recipe and make it out there.
Thus saving yourself a visit from handsome fire-fighters and many trips to the dry-cleaners.
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