Mostrad Whipping Dispenser

I'm trying to make blue cheese cream which I can dispense out of a whipping canister. I slowly melted the blue cheese into the half and half. I used one CO2 cartidge, but the mixture does not come out thick enough. Any ideas or suggestions?

James Durazzo


boulangere September 6, 2013
Still, it needs to be on the cool side before you pour it into the cylinder. And your ratio of cream to cheese is important.
boulangere September 6, 2013
I agree that heavy cream (40% butterfat) will help yield a thicker result, but what is your ratio of cheese to cream? And are you chilling it before pouring it into the dispenser?
James D. September 6, 2013
Well originally I used half and half, but now I realize that heavy cream would be better. I would prefer the cream to be at room temp, or slightly cool. I'm thinking that heavy cream along with using 2 cartridges of NO2 should yield better results.
darksideofthespoon September 6, 2013
I was going to suggest 2 canisters and 36% cream. It should thicken quite a bit more. Good luck!
boulangere September 5, 2013
Are you using a CO2 or an NO2 cartridge?
James D. September 6, 2013
I'm actually using NO2. I only used 1 cartridges. I'm thinking maybe two. Also perhaps heavy cream instead of half and half.
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