blue cheese overload!

I inherited a gigantic tub of blue cheese this week from a friend moving out of state. Any suggestions for recipes that call for a large amount, or even storage tips? Can I freeze blue cheese? Thanks!

Emily Love


Jenny M. January 18, 2015
I freeze blue cheese and use it in cooking. Pasta whit broccoli and blue chees. Broccoli and blue cheese.
Nancy January 17, 2015
I second Pegeen's ideas and gave a variant on the fig-blue cheese crackers, which is a cheesecake using the same flavor combo. Can't find recipe now but an easy way to do it is sub blue cheese for about 1/4 to 1/2 the cream cheese in a standard recipe. For the figs (depending on season), dice a few dried and mix in filling, cut a few fresh in half and use as garnish on tip of cooked cooled pie, or serve some good dried on the side. This can be served as an appetizer, main atblynch with Salas of mixed dark and light greens, or as a savory dessert with a nice sweet wine to counterpount the salty taste of the cheese.
Nancy January 17, 2015
Should be "main at lunch."
Emily L. January 18, 2015
this sounds heavenly, thanks!
keg72 January 17, 2015
I love the Ina Garten blue cheese soufflé:
Angela January 17, 2015
This was really good:
Pegeen January 18, 2015
That sounds delicious!
Bevi January 17, 2015
Blue Cheese Souffle - there are many recipes on the web. I used to make a broccoli, walnut, and blue cheese soufflé by Anna Thomas.
Emily L. January 17, 2015
this sounds delicious, looking up recipes now. thank you!!
Pegeen January 17, 2015
You're very welcome, Emily! The Blue Cheese Savory crackers are a serious winner and the dough freezes beautifully.
Pegeen January 17, 2015
Blue cheese is also great with pears... chop up a few pears into your green salad and add some blue cheese crumbles, maybe almonds or pine nuts, with a simple vinaigrette. I would need more time to think it up but a tart with a blue cheese crust, topped with pears and thyme honey, would be wonderful.
Emily L. January 17, 2015
you are a life saver. thank you!!
Pegeen January 17, 2015
I am seeing many cocktail parties in your future:

First, make as many of these as you can possibly stand and freeze them. (You can freeze the dough in logs to slice later.)

Fig and Blue Cheese Savory Appetizer Crackers

Smear a bit of the blue cheese on a slice of untoasted baguette bread, top with a piece of prosciutto. Put a dollop of crème fraiche or sour cream on top of the ham, just enough to hold in place a sprig of dill or a few capers.

Cheese Ball with Pecans and Dried Cranberries
(can be frozen)

… and …

Ina Gartnen’s Grown Up Mac and Cheese (Barefoot Contessa)

Drop a few spoonfuls of it into your scrambled eggs or omelettes

Schmear a little on one side of a ham, chicken or turkey sandwich. Or a veg sandwich: sprouts, tomato, avocado, blue cheese.
Pegeen January 17, 2015
That should be Ina "Garten," not Gartnen.
Pegeen January 17, 2015
Can you mention what brand it is? Is it softened, processed blue cheese, since it's in a tub? The recipes would be a little different than the more crumbly type of blue cheese.

And would you send me half the tub right now?! :-)
Emily L. January 17, 2015
haha! would love to send half of it!
it's a 24 oz tub of Salemville Amish Blue Cheese Crumbles. As for the softened processed question, I suppose so? I'm not a big blue cheese aficionado (sorry!). I hope this is enough info
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