can I freeze an upside down peach cake? guests cancelled!

Pam A
  • Posted by: Pam A
  • September 7, 2013
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Pam A. September 8, 2013
Thanks so much to all who answered. I have managed to eat half the cake myself and will now freeze the rest. May not be beautiful on the other end but taste will probably hold. I really love the Food 52 hotline!
louisez September 8, 2013
I ought to have said: I invert onto a plate -- when cool, slide onto plastic wrap, then put in freezer bag.
louisez September 8, 2013
I've frozen upside-down plum cake, and it's worked well. I'd think peach would probably work well, too. As with any upside-down cake, I invert it to cool. Then wrap well and freeze.
ChefJune September 8, 2013
Yes, I think you can freeze it just fine. I like Le Bec Fin's suggestions so no need to rewrite them.
LeBec F. September 8, 2013
p.s. if you can spare the pan, it could be slid into its original (pammed )pan, wrapped and frozen. if not, still freeze it in the pan, then slide it out and wrap tightly for freezing (that way the saran etc won't stick to and lift off that beautiful top when it's later defrosted.)
LeBec F. September 8, 2013
What a beeYOOteefull thing you made! imo you can freeze almost everything. the one drawback might be that the peaches might darken when frozen, unless glazed w/ lemon juice (but i'm not sure about that). If that did happen when defrosted, I'd just cover the top with whipped cream and some chopped nuts and/or newly sliced peaches.
Monita September 7, 2013
I've never tried it but I don't think it will freeze very well. But it will keep in the fridge for several days
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