Peaches, help!

I cannot help myself, I love fruit trucks. As in old pick ups full of farm fresh crops. This morning I passed one full of peaches from Georgia. I bought a whole bag and they are stunning, juicy, just amazing. Problem is we are going away on Wednesday for 5 days. I want to know of I can freeze the peaches, or make them into a pie filling, that will allow me to keep their peak season flavors bright and whining for a later date. Please advise!



Homemadecornbread June 18, 2012
Freeze them whole. Here's how I do it. Boil a big pot of water, drop a few peaches at a time into the water and remove them after about 1 minute. Plunge them into an ice bath for another minute or so and slip the peel off easily with a butter knife or your fingers. Let them cool and then place them individually on a tray in the freezer until frozen. Pack into big ziplock bags and squeeze out the air. They last for a long time and can be thawed and used like rip peaches.
cookingProf June 18, 2012
I cut my bounty of peaches in half and remove the stones before freezing. When ready to use, I hold a piece under warm running water for a few seconds and the skin comes right off. It is ready to use in any recipe that way (smoothies, compote, fruit salad, ...)
ChefJune June 18, 2012
I freeze our gorgeous Jersey peaches all summer long for peachy treats during the winter. I don't do anything to them but peel, pit and slice them. Then into a zip lock freezer bag I have labeled and dated. They don't turn brown, and they're perfect for pies, tarts, ice cream, cobblers.
chl0525 June 18, 2012
I have frozen peaches before in zipper bags and they turn brown on me as the defrost... What should I do differently this year?
Sarah,Osborn June 17, 2012
Most fruits can be frozen, especially peaces. Slice and ziplock (press out air). You don't need to put them in any solution, that way you can take out a few slices at a time if need be.
Quinciferous June 16, 2012
They are also delicious preserved using hot water bath canning -- we made these from Amanda's old (and much missed) column in the NYTimes:

They are a real treat when you remember that you have them around February!
kbckitchen June 16, 2012
Yes you can freeze peaches. Peel slice and freeze in a simple syrup solution. You may use fruit juice in place of sugar. Enjoy! They're my favorite fruit!
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