Anyway to make this via baking instead of in the skillet? Having 5 to dinner tomorrow night and would be much easier to take something out of the...

... oven than standing at the stove. Thanks

  • Posted by: ELCookie
  • September 12, 2013


arcane54 September 12, 2013
What about spritzing the coated cutlets before baking them off? That way you'd ge the "sense" of fried with the immersion in oil (and time at the stove). Just a thought...
sexyLAMBCHOPx September 12, 2013
You could pan fry in advance and then bake off in oven.
Pinch&Swirl September 12, 2013
Those cutlets look amazing! I think they'll turn out well in the oven. They won't have quite the same crust as pan-frying, but the panko will add crunch. I would bake them on a well-oiled cookie sheet at 375-degrees for 6-8 minutes per side (depending on thickness).
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