Quince mead ideas?

My little quince tree only grew two fruit this year. It's not really enough to do any of my regular recipes with, so I thought I would try making a flavoured mead with them (Wild Fermentation style). Any ideas for herbs or spices that would taste good with the quince?

It's my first year making mead, but I'm already brewing a pear and rosemary batch, and a regular honey and water batch, but would like to try something exotic with the quince.



Laura415 October 4, 2018
Quince is in the rose family so tart rosehips would be a lovely addition to the batch. If using honey as sugar in the mead cut up the quince and braise it in a casserole dish with honey, Bay leaves, star anise, cardamom seeds and vanilla bean along with enough water and lemon or citric acid to taste tart-sweet. Bake covered in the oven low and slow until the quince is soft and sweetened and spiced. Either strain out the fruit and use it for membrillo or add all of it to the mead batch and let it ferment. You can use the honey you will use for the mead recipe in the initial quince braising so no extra sugar is needed. Quince has a beautiful pink-red color when cooked so it should make your mead lovely.

If I am making Quince jam or membrillo I will add the peels, cores, and seeds to the braise because if all the lovely pectin in them, however, I think it would be too thick to put into the mead, so cook those separately and use the pectin juice to make jelly from other low pectin fruit.
David September 19, 2013
I think they'd be fine. I didn't use pepper but I made a beer once with fresh ginger and cinnamon. I might use large pieces of ginger and whole cinnamon sticks and whole peppercorns (and careful with the ginger...it can easily overpower)
trampledbygeese September 19, 2013
What are your thoughts on quince with fresh ginger, cinnamon and pepper, something like a poudre dulce spice thing? Or would the flavours go weird while it's fermenting?
David September 18, 2013
Quince is in the apple, pear family so my first thoughts would be the cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice family.
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