storing squash blossoms

Bought some gorgeous squash blossoms at the farmers market today, but won't have a chance to use them for a couple of days. How do I store them until then? Right now they're sitting in a little bit of water in the fridge, but I'm not sure that's how I ought to be treating them.

Diana B
  • Posted by: Diana B
  • September 21, 2013


Silvia September 21, 2013
You're so welcome Diana. Glad I could help. I'll be adding a recipe on a Stuffed Zucchini blossom tempura salad as one of my first recipes. I'll try to add soon so if you like it you can use your blossoms. So looking forward to adding my recipes (and collecting others). As a pro chef, teacher and writer, I have a ton.

Diana B. September 21, 2013
Thanks, Silvia, and welcome to Food52! I can see you're going to be a great addition here.
Silvia September 21, 2013
Hi Diana. I just joined this site and saw your Q. Wrap individually (they're delicate) in moist paper towels and store flat in a zip lock bag or in a baking dish wrapped in plastic.
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