What to do with a rabbit?

My husband brought home some rabbit from the local farmers market yesterday and am trying to figure out something lovely to do with it. I prefer not to make a stew or goulash or ragu as he really wants to be able to experience the flavor. Thoughts? I was thinking about cutting it up and roasting it based on recipe I found on Splendid Table.

  • Posted by: shannon
  • September 22, 2013


Reiney September 22, 2013
Love braised rabbit! It works really well with dijon/white wine/ cream - so you don't need to overwhelm it in ragu.
pierino September 22, 2013
I love rabbit myself. Among other possible preparations you could use it in the traditional paella valenciana (which also includes chicken and snails---although you can leave those out).
Rabbit is very lean so a braise is a good way to deal with it too. And there is nothing wrong with doing it "hunter style"; cacciatore in Italian, or chasseur in French.
chez_mere September 22, 2013
I think cutting it into quarters, giving it a nice sear in a cast-iron skillet, and finishing it in the oven is a great way to go. Then you can just make a simply pan sauce from the drippings. Since it is the Fall Equinox today, why not throw in some sage too?
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