Freezing lemongrass... everything in my freezer smells like lemongrass. How to avoid it?


I froze fresh lemongrass stalks inside a quart Ziploc bag. I though these bags were more impermeable to smell. But now everything I put in my freezer ends up having a intense lemongrass smell.

How to avoid this?

Shall I put one bag inside another?
Will this be enough?
Are there better alternatives?
Stronger bags?
Or is a plastic container the only possible way to contain smells?


  • Posted by: nununo
  • September 25, 2013


nununo September 30, 2013
Thanks. I'll try both approaches.
HalfPint September 25, 2013
I would wrap them in heavy duty aluminum foil and then into a Ziploc.
Pegeen September 25, 2013
You can buy heavier freezer-quality bags but it sounds like your lemongrass needs some additional wrapping no matter what - perhaps waxed paper inside a heavier bag, or two plastic bags.

You reminded me of this technique for freezing herbs in ice water. I wonder if this would help contain the fragrance (storing the iced versions in a heavy plastic bag, of course).
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