Can this hummus be frozen? Time is at a premium here, so when I make anything, I always ask if I can double or triple the recipe, to freeze. In fa...

...ct, with the boys gone, we won't consume even a single batch in three days. Thanks, everyone! ;o



AntoniaJames October 11, 2013
Pegeen, just to follow up . . . I made a huge batch (there's a funny story here, for another day), and put in the freezer 4 pints, about two weeks ago. We defrosted one yesterday and it's absolutely perfect. I delayed stirring in more lemon juice (the basic recipe is just not lemony enough for me) and drizzling olive oil over it, until after freezing and thawing. It's so good! And I wouldn't touch hummus -- just could not stand the stuff -- until I tried this recipe. Thanks again! ;o)
Pegeen September 27, 2013
De nada. I look forward to your holiday recipes!
AntoniaJames September 27, 2013
Thank you, Pegeen! Will be making some of this over the weekend. ;o)

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Pegeen September 26, 2013
Yes, you can freeze hummus. I usually defrost it in the fridge only. When it's thawed, give it a good stir before putting it in the serving bowl. I'd use it all up after it's defrosted, discard any leftovers.
Turbeville G. September 26, 2013
I'd like to know if I can freeze hummus in general and also this recipe of course.
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