What is cereal cream?

I bought some cereal cream http://www.avalondairy.com/products/organic-milk/cereal-cream-organic/ from the store yesterday. It was on sale so I grabbed it instead of half and half. Can anyone tell me more about it? What's the fat content, how is it produced? For example, is it skimmed off the top of the milk and then combined with some milk and homogenized, like the different kinds of cream we get in the stores?

I was planning on using half of it to culture yoghurt, but I was wondering if anyone has any good recipe ideas for the rest? I have about two cups left. Is there enough fat content to make butter?



trampledbygeese September 29, 2013
Thanks cookinginvictoria. That's extremely helpful.

I see bread pudding in my future. 'Though, I might take a small amount and see if it makes butter.
cookinginvictoria September 29, 2013
Cereal cream is just another name for half and half. This term is sometimes used in Canada. Cereal cream and half and half contain 10% milk fat.
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