Is there a significant difference if using fresh bay leaves instead of dry?

  • Posted by: Mollyh
  • October 16, 2013


Chicomike September 28, 2020
I also grow my own bay leav. I've done a few experiments making Bayleaf tea just to see what the flavor is like. After about five minutes the tea smells good after about 40 minutes you really get full flavor. I think it taste really good and probably use three times as much Bayleaf as most recipes call for.
pierino October 16, 2013
First, if using fresh, be sure you are using bay laurel---European type. California bay leaves have a rather overpowering scent that is almost like eucalyptus. And yes, fresh leaves off the tree will import a stronger flavor but there's nothing wrong with using dried ones out of a jar if that's what you have.
creamtea October 16, 2013
Absolutely. In my opinion, the best way to use fresh bay is for recipes like rice pilaf that require you to saute ingredients like onions, garlic or shallots. They add a fragrant, rounded herbal flavor and scent that is worlds apart from the dried version.
Midge October 16, 2013
I've got a bay tree and sub fresh leaves all the time for dry. Haven't noticed much a difference.
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