freezing apples

i have an abundance of apples. i don't like apple sauce, don't want to freeze apples in syrup or sugar. i want to be able to eat fresh slices. i just read that i can slice them, freeze on a tray, then put in a container. my concern is that they might lose their taste or (according to one or two comments) become mushy. Would like to hear from anyone who has frozen them plain. i will go ahead and freeze some slices and report back in a few weeks.



CatalunaLilith October 17, 2013
apples frozen like that should be fine for cooking and baking with, and they should keep their flavor just fine as long as you put them in an airtight bag after they finish freezing solid, but they will lose their crisp-factor, so they won't have the same texture as fresh apples and probably will be odd to eat just plain out of hand.
ChefJune October 17, 2013
I have never frozen raw apples successfully. They've been okay for cooking or baking, but not for eating. I'm glad I like applesauce. :)
mrslarkin October 17, 2013
I always freeze chopped apples to use in baking, and they come out great. I mix the frozen apples right into whatever I'm making, usually scones. However, if your goal is to eat the slices, I think they'll be mushy once defrosted. Let us know how your experiment turns out!
alng4768 October 17, 2013
thanks for your replies. actually, i intend to use the slices for baking an apple cake. i plan to make a ton of them to give as xmas gifts. so i'll slice a bunch within the week and freeze them. 2 weeks later, i'll see how they are merely to eat and i'll also be able to confirm (hopefully) that they baked just as well.
dymnyno October 17, 2013
My mother used to freeze raw apple pies and then bake as needed/wanted and they always tasted fresh. I will be waiting for your answer to the question after you have done your own testing.
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