can you freeze fresh ricotta?

  • Posted by: fisheri
  • January 10, 2011


Sue M. September 2, 2017
LOL re your search for it. Glad it ended up being a test for freezing as this is the answer I was looking for. I wanted to make a lasagna and forget to buy ricotta. I missed the sale and paid almost double for it the other day...and then it went on sale again. I was hoping to freeze some for a future lasagna.
Mgmnyc January 12, 2011
Yes! I once picked up a gorgeous pot of fresh ricotta at a farmers' market. My husband, unpacking the bags, thought it was ice cream and stuck it in the freezer. I drove myself crazy for a few days searching the fridge before I found it. I was not able to use it right away, so it sat for a couple of weeks. When finally defrosted, it was absolutely delectable, a bit drier than fresh ricotta, and perfect for lasagna.
ChefDaddy January 11, 2011
I think this falls under the catagory: Don't know until you try! What do you have to loose if the alternative is to throw it out. Except some freezer space.
healthierkitchen January 11, 2011
If the alternative is throwing it out I'd definitely give freezing it a try. I'm just guessing (as I think you are) that what you'll have at the end will be usable, but won't be quite the same type of product you started with.
ChefDaddy January 11, 2011
If your worried about fresh riccotta being to runny. After it thaws you might want to try draining it in cheese cloth or a fine mesh strainer before using.
fisheri January 11, 2011
thanks to all of you. healthierkitchen has my dilemma down. too much, too good, hate to toss it.
healthierkitchen January 11, 2011
I think I might try it with packaged ricotta, but I'd be hesitant with really good, fresh ricotta. Though, I guess it's better than throwing it out...
RobertaJ January 11, 2011
I wouldn't if you're going to want to use it for an application where the texture will be important (like a manicotti filling or a cheesecake). Maybe for a lasagna filling, but even then, I'd worry it would get too runny.

If you're just going to blend it down into something like a sauce, I'd think you'd be OK.
debbiet January 10, 2011
Yes, I have heard that you can freeze it. The texture will be a bit more liquidy though.

I haven't done it myself, but it's worth a try. I would put it in a zip lock freezer bag with all the air smooshed out.

Here is a link I found
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