Precooked apples for classic apple tart?

I stewed a large batch of apples earlier this week and was hoping to make a rustic apple tart tomorrow. However, all recipes I’ve found use fresh apples. Can I still use my stewed apples? They’re not super soft, they still have a bite...worried about my crust not cooking evenly.

Kaitlyn Florian


Patrick M. November 25, 2020
Hi there - found this note from an AP article: "Precooking the apples solved the shrinking problem, helping them hold their shape in the oven while also eliminating any excess liquid, and thereby protecting the bottom crust." So you might be in good shape!
Kaitlyn F. November 25, 2020
Thanks for this! I’ll give it a-go. Will report back how it turns out.
Amanda H. November 25, 2020
Also, Erin McDowell, our Resident pie expert is also a fan of pre-cooking apples for apple pie in order to avoid issues with the moisture content of different apple varieties.
Kaitlyn F. December 8, 2020
Just wanted to report back that the tart turned out great. The cooked apples didn't turn my crust soggy. Thanks for the help!
Amanda H. December 8, 2020
So glad to hear this -- thanks for reporting back!
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