What do you do with the shallots? Is the entire 3 cups of oil for the onions/chard or is some of it to go in the dressing? It also says some oi...

...l is for roasting the beets but the instructions don't talk about oil for the beets. Help!

Dana Sullivan
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Fall Beet Salad
Recipe question for: Fall Beet Salad

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ATG117 October 21, 2013
The oil that's listed in the ingredient list is for the dressing. As you'll see in. The review headnotes, the tester mentioned that the recipe makes a lot of dressing. She or he scaled it down and still had extra. So you can halve, etc. to your liking. As far as other oil you'll be using: you'll be carmelizing the onions and then adding the Swiss chard, so figure you want to coats the lan with oil--maybe 1-2 T depending on how big your pan is--but really this should be eyed. Because the bets are roasted in wine, they do not need additional oil while cooking. You'll then dress the components with the dressing. Hope that helpsz
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