clarifying question about shallots...

I am confused about what is considered one shallot. I know that a shallot is considered a relative of the onion, but when you take the skin off of a shallot, there are often cloves underneath said skin, similar to what you would find in a head of garlic. So, my question is: when a recipe calls for, say, four shallots, does that mean four whole shallots (even if each shallot has multiple cloves) or does it means four shallot cloves?

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boulangere September 21, 2011
Second the motion. 1 is one, regardless of how many are concealed inside.
drbabs September 21, 2011
When I write a recipe and use shallots, I think of one shallot as a whole shallot, even if it's multiple cloves.
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