Does anybody have a good recipe for panna cotta?
Help please



hardlikearmour December 2, 2010
Panna cotta is not supposed to be as rubbery as jello. It should be firm enough to unmold, but still be nice and wobbly. It is texturally more like custard than like jello.
marketmaster December 2, 2010
I've never made panna cota, but reading the recipe in Dori Greenspan's new cookbook has me thinking about trying it this holiday season.
pierino December 2, 2010
Actually it shouldn't be a jello. It's a really a custard it means "cooked cream" although it does use gelatine.
olechicos1 December 2, 2010
thanks i tryed to make panna cota but it would not turn to a jello type thing????
pierino December 1, 2010
I'm sure the recipe quoted will work fine. It's pretty simple stuff. When you get comfortable with it perhaps try experimenting with flavors other than just vanilla.
hardlikearmour December 1, 2010
I like to use vanilla bean in place of the extract. Scrape the seeds from 1/2 a vanilla pod, and heat the seed and pod in with the cream mixture.
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