Thanksgiving Pie

I asked this question on the page about the contest, but haven't received an answer. Does the pie have to be a dessert?



inpatskitchen October 30, 2013
Hi littlettleman! Sorry you haven't received an answer to your question. I'm assuming it's dessert since the editors eluded to "the end of the meal"....however in our family spinach and leek pie in phyllo is always on the dessert table!! Hope you get their answer soon!
Dana October 30, 2013
I'm not making it a dessert but if you want to you can
ChefJune October 30, 2013
My sweet potato pie is dessert.

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ChefOno October 29, 2013
I like pie.
Sam1148 October 29, 2013
Most thanksgiving day meals are served "family style" with everything on the table or a side board. So there's little formality of the order or even plating the courses.

But I'm guessing your question is about the type of pie. Maybe a quiche for a veggie option (for those that eat eggs, milk and cheese).

A sweet potato pie can do double duty as a side dish for the main course and desert course.
pierino October 29, 2013
Mine won't be.
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