Thanksgiving desserts- small group, not much time

We are a small group. Some like pumpkin pie, some like pecan pie, some like apple pie, some like chocolate cake. What do you suggest as a compromise? I only have time for one dessert. :)

Stephanie G


drbabs November 15, 2021
How about have them bring dessert? 😎Or try this pumpkin cake that has chocolate marbling and ganache frosting. You could even top it with candied pecans. Then you’re only missing apple.
702551 November 15, 2021
Since you only have time for one, make the dessert you are most skilled at and buy the others (from a reputable bakery or stand at your farmers market).

If you prefer not to finance the whole spread, encourage others to bring their favorites. Or buy a couple and hope your guests will be satisfied with a second choice.

Forget trying to make small quantities of pie fillings for different flavored tartelettes. That’s time consuming and you already stated that’s a concern.

No one can please everyone all the time and that’s not specific to cooking.

Best of luck.
Nancy November 15, 2021
Oh, you're right! I was thinking through smaller volumes would reduce time, but they won't.
AntoniaJames November 15, 2021
So many good ideas, 702551. What a tall order, satisfying those four quite different preferences. I don't usually (actually, never) buy desserts, but now that I think about it, under these circumstances, I would! ;o)
Nancy November 15, 2021
Make one batch of pie dough, and bake them as snall tarts or galettes with half or quarter batches of pie fillings and maybe chocolate pudding.
Or small chocolate cakes.
Make them so small that people feel OK having two.
Emma L. November 15, 2021
Hi Stephanie G! This new pie recipe from Erin McDowell is a great compromise between apple and pecan: ("the best of both worlds," as she puts it!). You could serve with pumpkin ice cream to scoop on top, either store-bought or homemade:
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