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Ohio ceramic stoneware from provisions

Hi, Just getting ready to bake with my new stoneware loaf pans from Provisions (fell in love with them the minute I unwrapped them). I've rinsed them, dried them. Is there anything else I need to do before I fill them with the dough?



Customer-Care October 30, 2013
You're welcome -- we will keep our fingers crossed that your loaves will pop right out. Thanks again for shopping with us!
Panfusine October 30, 2013
Just eased out the loaves from the pans, They popped out perfectly, Thank you so much for curating such a fabulous product!
Panfusine October 30, 2013
Thanks so much Jason, I didn't grease the pans before I filled them with the dough , but the dough itself had quite a bit of olive oil from the bowl in which It was set in to rise, hoping that i will find its way to the walls of the pan. As of now the bread seems to be baking quite well. I'll make sure to season the pans next time onwards. Thanks again!
Customer-Care October 30, 2013
That sounds delicious! I just heard back, and your only next step would be to grease the interior well with your chosen fat (oil, butter, etc). Unglazed stoneware functions a lot like cast iron -- meaning that it develops a kind of seasoning over time. After each use you should just rinse, wipe, and re-grease as you did initially! Hope this helps, and happy baking.
Panfusine October 30, 2013
Starting out with simple Plain WHole WHeat bread, Peter Reinhart's recipe with the soaker/sponge technique
Customer-Care October 30, 2013
Hi there -- I'm so glad to hear that your stoneware loaf pans didn't disappoint! I just reached out to the merchant to double-check for you, and I'll give you the green light just as soon as I can. In the meantime, I'd love to hear what you're baking!
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