forgot to presift the flour

I am making an apple cake calling for 3 cups of flour (3 eggs, 1-1/2 cups oil). I can't believe I forgot to presift the flour before measuring, but now the leaveners and flour are all sifted together--too late! Ridiculous, I know. Should I adjust the liquid ingredients or just leave as is?
And secondly, it calls for baking in an angel food pan. Can I try splitting it between two round pans: one is an Emile Henry ceramic ruffled pie pan 10" at the top and about 2" deep, and one a pyrex-like cake pan. I'd fill the ceramic pan first and then decide what size pan the remaining batter will fit--I can manage that. The egg whites are not beaten separately, if that matters.



ChefJune November 1, 2013
How does the batter look. Does it seem "creamy" enough? Or does it look to you like it needs more liquid? This sounds like it's more of a coffee cake, and they're a bit more forgiving than others. As for the pan substitution, I'm guessing that will work as well. Just be sure to adjust your baking time. Be sure to come back and say how it worked out!
creamtea November 1, 2013
They came out looking good. We will taste one tonight and serve one tomorrow to company. Thanks Maedl and June!
Maedl November 1, 2013
Unless the batter looks much too thick, I wouldn’t try adjusting the liquid. You might open another can of worms! That’s one reason I prefer using weight measures over volume.

As to the pans, I wouldn’t bake it in an angel food cake pan--the pan should never be greased because the angel food batter needs to cling to the pan to rise properly and any remaining grease interferes with that. If you don’t have a Gugelhopf, tube or Bundt pan, then I’d find two equally-sized pans made of the same material. You want the cake to bake at the same rate and I am not sure that the batter will bake the same in ceramic as it will in Pyrex.
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