Does anyone have a recipe for rye crips like in Gardettos?

I want to make my own rye crisps like in Gardettos. They're the best part! The company sells bags of just those because they had a huge demand for it.

Gregg Eshelman


TS November 7, 2013
I agree Gregg, they are the best part! I also think it's the seasonings, although I don't know what they are. Great question, I hope someone in the Food52 community has a recipe for something similar.
Gregg E. November 7, 2013
I'd like to make them from scratch. Roll out a thin baguette shaped loaf, bake it, slice with a rotary slicer, then bake to harden.
Lindsay-Jean H. November 5, 2013
Bagel chip recipes like these might be a good place to start to get ideas:,
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