A few questions: How much fresh ginger should I sub for the ground? I'm out of granulated sugar (it does happen), can I sub brown sugar, will I be...

... harming the texture, need I make other ratio adjustments? Finally, whats the best way to store these for Thursday eve

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • November 5, 2013


ATG117 November 5, 2013
ChefJune November 5, 2013
I'm not Merrill, nor have I made this recipe, but I've made several million cookies in my life... I don't think fresh ginger is an acceptable substitute for ground ginger in this recipe. They are two completely different products. Different flavors, different textures, not at all the same thing. Second: you can always sub brown sugar for white, but remember you will be creating a completely different cookie. Brown sugar is loaded with molasses, and gives a very different flavor. As well, it has a fairly high moisture content compared with granulated sugar, so you may need to adjust the liquid in the recipe.
I always recommend a baker follow the recipe exactly the first time, before trying to adapt. Otherwise you have no idea what the creator of the recipe intended the finished product to taste like.
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