What is the best rolling pin you have ever used and why. Rolling pin dreams-- what would you like to try out?



Sasha (. December 3, 2010
I use a French rolling pin. The tapered ends are nice because you don't have to worry about rolling "lines" into your dough.
AntoniaJames December 3, 2010
I have a long and rather heavy French dowel that I've had for years. I use it for everything, and cannot imagine using anything else. ;o)
porchapples December 2, 2010
very helpful comments thanks!
nutcakes December 2, 2010
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beyondcelery December 2, 2010
I bought this one (mine is a slightly larger size, but otherwise the same) 2 years ago from Sur La Table:

It's weighted perfectly, made of nice solid wood, and still doesn't have a dent. I use it about once a week at a minimum and it's held up spectacularly well. I make and sell pies and other baked goods, so when I use it, it gets a serious workout for a few hours. What I really love about it is that while it's getting a workout, my arms aren't. It does most of the work for me because it's weighted properly.

My dream would be to own a really nice marble rolling pin. I used one a few times and loved that I could chill it to roll out pie crust and cookie dough that needs to be chilled first.
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