best method for make-ahead rolls

I volunteered to bring dinner rolls for 50 to my boyfriend's family Thanksgiving - what was I thinking?? They are 70 miles away but I'd like them to be somewhat fresh. What's the best method? Partial bake and freeze, rise in the fridge or something else? I don't know how much room she'll have in her oven that day. It would make me feel better if they were done ahead so I won't be panicking at the last minute if they don't turn out. Any suggestions? THANKS!

  • Posted by: CRussell
  • November 21, 2011


CRussell November 21, 2011
I'd reallllly like to make some pumpkin dinner rolls that I found online, but not sure now is a good time to be experimenting with something new, on top of the timing and travel issues. Added stress! So if I par-bake and freeze, I'll probably do some basic yeast rolls from Cooks Illustrated, and maybe test the pumpkin ones out as well. I think she should have room for me to pop the rolls in to heat up once the turkey is out...if not, well my mom is about a mile away from there so maybe she can bail me out...
francesca G. November 21, 2011
I think your prep the rolls, par-bake, freeze, and finish in the oven at the last minute idea is a good one. Will there be any oven time available? Rolls are important! What kind are you thinking of making?
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