Help! I have two friends visiting this weekend. One is a vegetarian and the other is on a paleo diet. What on earth can I feed them?

Elizabeth Summerford Wallin


acookswords November 13, 2013
And in the end, you'll have been a great hostess or not, and your choice will have been how they remember you. And the time you all had together. As for me, I'd choose memories of time over substance. But that's just me.
littleman November 13, 2013
Paleolithic people lived without access to (or invention of) healthcare, not to mention central heating, regardless of what they ate.
boulangere November 13, 2013
Kudos to you for respecting them both. Feeding people in one's home isn't all about oneself, but rather about the guests. People love that you go to some effort for them, not for yourself. Your friends will be honored by your attention to them. And you'll have stretched yourself in a new direction. Please let us know how it goes.
Elizabeth S. November 13, 2013
In her defense, she looks AMAZING (and would be horrified to know that her food choices are causing me to stress). She's all glowy-Gwyneth Paltrowy and is in better shape after 3 kids than she was in college. That's with zero exercise. Every time I see her, I consider trying the diet. Then, I realize that a life without butter isn't worth it.
pierino November 13, 2013
Does the "paleo" eat offal? His/her "ancestors" did. Sweetbreads, tripe, tongue, liver etc. Of course that won't work for your vegetarian. Myself, I eat everything. Fried crickets, I'm fine with that. What bothers me is the narcissistic demands that guests place on their hosts and "paleo" being possibly the dumbest. As a cook I respect genuine health and religious concerns but I'm not going to go out and forage for kelp just because some nut job (who might be a friend of mine) would like to see it on their plate. And then pound their chest.
Bevi November 13, 2013
Understood! You are putting in lots of effort. A night out is well deserved.
ATG117 November 13, 2013
Apologies if you thought my comment re respecting their choices was addressed to you. Gl.
Elizabeth S. November 13, 2013
It's only the three of us, so I'd prefer to avoid cooking multiple dishes. So, here's the plan: Friday night - taco bar (great idea!), Saturday morning - kale & quinoa with eggs and fruit, Saturday lunch & dinner - eating out (copping out!); Sunday morning - frittata with more fruit; snacks - veggies, hummus and/or avocado dip, and nuts. ATG117 and Bevi, clearly I respect their choices. That's why I asked the question!
ATG117 November 12, 2013
I hate to say this, but the few people that I know who keep a strict paleo diet look absolutely great and claim to feel great, too. I think people's diet choices should be respected. You're presumably having them because you enjoy their company and as such I'd assume you'd want to make food they'll enjoy--hospitality is what entertainings about, right? And dont hosts hate when a guest had nothing he or she can eat? That said, I do think those on strict diets should also go out of their way to acknowledge that they do not need special dishes and are there for enjoying the company.
Bevi November 12, 2013
I agree with you ATG117. And I think cobbling together a meal that meets the needs of both diets is not difficult. And a salad is the great leveler.
Nancy H. November 12, 2013
I certainly would not invite them a second time, and most assuredly not together! Vegetarian I can handle, but the whole idea of the paleo diet is so ridiculous--and so unfounded in archeology--that I just can't do anything but giggle.
littleman November 13, 2013
If they are my friends, I would welcome them regardless of their dietary needs.
Elizabeth S. November 12, 2013
Great ideas, thanks! I'm going to try to avoid any dietary lectures while they're here, but it does make it hard on a host!
pierino November 12, 2013
You might want to remind your paleo friend that his/her ancestors lived to be about 40 years old if they were lucky. And now the paleos get sucked in by stuff like raw milk.

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Sam1148 November 11, 2013
Each other.

littleman November 13, 2013
ATG117 November 11, 2013
For the most part, pales stay away from dairy and carbs. Some will eat beans and quinoa, both of which would be great bases for both the veg and paleo. But even if that doesn't work, eggs or fish might--depending on your veg. And absent eggs, I'd agree with the crowd. Make a meat or chicken dish for your paleo, focus on making delicious and seasonal vegetable sides for both (think cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, squashes, cabbage, beets, etc) and if you'd like a main for your veg, make a quinoa dish.
jonilynn November 11, 2013
Romaine lettuce 'tacos' with different filling options (pinto beans, tofu, chicken, mushrooms, peppers, steak) and guacamole could work. Perhaps a couple of yummy sauces... Avocado cilantro tomatillo, chipotle, pico de gallo...
deedee1200 November 11, 2013
If the vegetarian guest eats eggs, I would suggest a frittata, heavy on the veggies and herbs, a pumpkin or sweet potato soup with cashew or almond cream, and a green salad.
Bevi November 11, 2013
There are so many vegetarian mains on this site, as well as other sites. The Paleo avoids carbs, but loves meat, so you could prepare a meat dish for the Paleo and a vegetarian main with no carbs or cheese or sugars that both the vegetarian and Paleo can enjoy. Here is a list of food items a Paleo cannot eat:
Or, you can go ahead and prepare a nice vegetarian or vegan main, and let the Paleo be happy with an animal protein and a side salad.
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