Need help planning a dinner menu

We are cooking a birthday dinner for 7, with one vegetarian. I would like to try this tart: and we love this salad An odd pairing maybe, but I was thinking together they'd be a nice vegetarian autumnal meal. But I can't think of an additional dish that would go well. Two of the guests would love meat to be on the menu, but I was thinking of doing a vegetarian meal. I will be making a double-chocolate/pumpkin cheesecake for dessert, so I want to go easy on dairy for the third dish. Help?

  • Posted by: Megan
  • October 24, 2013


Megan October 24, 2013
These are great suggestions, thank you! That roasted fennel and white bean dip looks great! Not sure how I missed that one. Also- I just noticed the community picks from the dinner party side contest- good ideas there too. Maybe the farro risotto with caramelized apples & fennel. Thank you!
lloreen October 24, 2013
The tart and the kale salad will be delicious together. To complete your autumn theme, I would start with a carrot or butternut soup as a first course. Serve with some toasted bagguette slices. You could do "bluecheese and fig savouries" to serve with a drink before dinner. Maybe with "roasted fennel and white bean dip" - a personal favorite - if your guests are likely to be hungry when they arrive.

Or, another idea - "crispy delicate rings with fennel and apple relish."
Your menu sounds great to me. Just make 2 or 3 tarts and you will have more that enough to satisfy 7.
aargersi October 24, 2013
Hmm - I would lean towards a warm hearty grain side ... I haven't searched the site for a specific one but I know there are loads out there - or maybe some lentils. A dish like that would satisfy meat heads and veggies alike. Give 'em wine, that'll help!!!
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