can you stack the turkey legs and thighs when making confit

I need to make a large batch using the legs and thighs from three large turkeys...

Big G-man


Big G. November 22, 2013
thanks for the input I was just trying to slam it in one batch. But at least I don't require sleep next week. And I will be up all night smoking the bacon I'm also making... so I might as well confit!
Julie,Resnick November 22, 2013
You can use the same fat twice. Cook the first batch and then strain the fat and wait till it cools down then cook the second batch
bigpan November 22, 2013
It is desirable to have each piece completely surrounded by the fat.
Big G. November 21, 2013
when they are cooking. I know that Thomas Keller states that you can do two layers of duck legs... but they are massive pieces and I not sure. I don't have enough duck fat to do two or three batches at the same time I would probably have to do one batch then another ... that is just a long day.
Julie,Resnick November 21, 2013
When they are cooking? Or in the fridge before
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