Dry Brining: How to make right what went so terribly wrong!

How can I salvage an over salted turkey thigh? My first attempt at dry brining was a complete failure. The turkey thighs were completely inedible. And, it did not brown, as promised. I’ve frozen them and plan on seasoning a pot of beans. Any other suggestions on what I can do with these over salted turkey pieces?

  • Posted by: jayah
  • August 29, 2021


KLS August 29, 2021
Basically, what Nancy said. I'd probably start by simmering them in water with some aromatics as if I were making soup and when they are cooked, see what I've got. You can go on from there depending on if this relieves the salt problem by continuing with soup, using the meat for other purposes, etc.
Just curious though as to the brine ingredients and how long you brined them.
Let us know your results.
Nancy August 29, 2021
If it's very oversalted, there may be nothing to do, and you don't want to throw more food away by adding to the dish and failing.
If it's only medium oversalted (subjective opinion), the tried and true methods are to
1) disperse smallish amount of the oversalted food in largish amount of unseasoned and unsalted food...soup, stew, lasagns, risotto and so on.
2) mix the salted food with some that will balance the taste of salt...often fat abd/or dairy will help.
Good luck.
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