Help please! I made Thomas Keller's Savory Leek Bread Pudding before, but tonight the bottom is burnt. The middle and top are okay. Can I rescue this dish for tomorrow -- maybe cut off the thin burnt bottom layer and sprinkle cheese on top when I reheat? Can this dish be saved? Thank you'!!



Rivka December 6, 2010
In the future, stick a sheet pan under your glass dish if you use it again. Helps insulate the bottom of whatever you're cooking, so it won't brown as quickly.
Kugelwhack December 4, 2010
Bless you. I baked it in the middle of the oven (closer to the lower half), but this time I used a glass dish instead of metal pan. Oh well . . . I appreciate your help very much!! I'll do this straight away . . . thanks!
betteirene December 4, 2010
Follow your own advice as soon as it's cool enough to handle--don't wait until tomorrow to remove the burnt layer.

Tell me. . .did you bake it in the lower half of your oven?
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