Help. I'm serving Thomas Keller's Savory Leek Bread Pudding (eggs, heavy cream, milk, etc.) tomorrow. Can I assemble it, refrigerate it over night and then bake it tomorrow? Or should I bake it today and reheat tomorrow? Thanks.



phyllis November 26, 2010
I have cooked this recipe and reheated the leftovers the next day. Worked fine. Don't leave it soaking; it WILL be too soggy. Enjoy!!!
Kugelwhack November 26, 2010
Thank you! You've been very helpful.
chefdaniel November 26, 2010
Bread puddings are, to me personally, better when cooked one day then reheated the next. This allows the flavors to enhance. I am concerned that assembling and then refrigerating will make it very soggy. Hope it works out as I know the recipe and it does sound good.
innoabrd November 26, 2010
I'd bake and reheat, given those two choices. However, I find deserts like that I can toss together just before I serve dinner and let it cook while we eat.
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