Advice for our first Turducken!

We are making our first turducken for Thanksgiving. Do you have any advice or riffs on the recipe in Amanda's article? Thanks!

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gravy L. December 1, 2013
Thanks for the advice! Our turducken turned out great and the gravy was phenomenal. I'd definitely make it again for a big party. :-)
Lisa R. November 27, 2013
Happy Thanksgiving! That is so exciting you are making a turducken. I think you're referring to the article Amanda Hesser wrote in the NY Times all about turducken a few years ago -- it's sort-of a Master's thesis on the subject, complete with a recipe: For riffs, you probably don't want to vary the method too much, but you can certainly change up the herbs and other flavors. Maybe try chorizo instead of Italian sausage, with a little Spanish paprika and bay leaves, or make it a turduckenturk with a nice applewood-smoked turkey sausage and rosemary instead of tarragon. Let us know how it turns out, and good luck!
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