What are we grateful for, today and always? In 7 words or less.

Okay, let's make that 7 words relating to this community/site, and 7 words for everything else.
I'll start.

Re Food52:


Re everything else:

Enthusiasm, skills, confidence: lifetime gifts from Mother

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! ;o)



bamcnamara November 30, 2013
my husband, children family, friends, dog, decor oven!!!!!!!
drbabs November 30, 2013
I'm grateful to you, AJ, and for all the new friends I've made because of Food52. XO
Trena H. November 30, 2013
Today I am grateful for my elastic waist pants.
luvcookbooks November 30, 2013
For me, the food52 thankfulness is for inspiration, encouragement, reliability, creativity, community, challenge, innovation ... in general, most thankful for family, friends, and absorbing work when I am not in the kitchen. Happy Holidays!
Pegeen November 27, 2013
The new Food52 tag line is a good candidate:
"Helping people become better, smarter, happier cooks."
me November 27, 2013
cookinginvictoria November 27, 2013
Such lovely sentiments!
Regarding food52 I would add CREATIVITY, INNOVATION, NEW FRIENDS, and, of course, RECIPES!
For me personally, I am grateful for HEALTH, FRIENDS, FAMILY, a CREATIVE MIND, LAUGHTER, and my own KITCHEN.
pierino November 27, 2013
I am grateful for : ROY CHOI'S BOOK L.A. SON.

Even as an ex-pat, I still love L.A.
arcane54 November 27, 2013
AntoniaJames your seven words for the Food52 community are spot on! I especially like your choice of "inclusiveness" and find that our F52 friends are so accepting of differences in tastes, abilities, and choices about the food we love, prepare and share. For everything else I am grateful for: HEALTH, creative MIND, FAMILY, FRIENDS, ABUNDANCE, MASTERY, and the HUMOR that gets me by when other other life elements (like mastery) are on holiday. Peace from the west coast!
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