Thank you, FOOD52 . . . and that means everyone reading this (and community members who are not) ;o)

For your commitment, for the laughs, for the incredible knowledge base we’re building, for your help on the Hotline, for your inspiring creativity, for your wisdom, for your wonderful stories, for your encouragement,and for making this place so unique and, most importantly, so pleasant. Happy Thanksgiving!! ;o)



aargersi November 23, 2011
I ? all of my Food52 friends! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!
AntoniaJames November 23, 2011
Thank you, all, for your kind words. And for making this community special. ;o)
Panfusine November 23, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving AJ... enjoyed hearing you on Leonard Lopate yesterday.!
SKK November 23, 2011
The best to AJ and all Food52. Am blessed to be part of this generous, talented community and grateful for all the wonderful people I have met through this site.

AJ, just listened to your wonderful radio interview on Leonard Lopate - brilliant, warm and interesting. Love the bishop!
sdebrango November 23, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving AJ and everyone in the food52 community. this community is one of the most vibrant and knowledgable that I have ever come across. Someone is always there to help us with answers to our questions or advice on recipes. I am thankful to be a part of it. I know the Thanksgiving spreads across the community are going to be amazing. I so enjoyed hearing you on the radio yesterday AJ, you were wonderful.
luvcookbooks November 23, 2011
Thank you for posting this. My daughter is in the hospital, so we are having a muted Thanksgiving. I feel better reading about all of you and loved the disquisition on bishop...
sdebrango November 23, 2011
So sorry to hear about your daughter I do hope she will be alright! Happy Thanksgiving and best wishes.
SKK November 23, 2011
Sending prayers and intentions for the best to your daughter, you and your whole family.
luvcookbooks November 25, 2011
thank you for your good wishes, daughter coming home monday!
SKK November 25, 2011
luvcookbooks, thank you for letting us know! So this year Thanksgiving will be on Monday! Warmest regards and love to you and your daughter.
drbabs November 23, 2011
What a thrill it was to listen to you on Leonard Lopate yesterday! Thank you for brining your incredible intelligence, spirit, and cooking expertise here to share with all of us. Have a wonderful day!
healthierkitchen November 23, 2011
So great to hear you on the radio! It was fabulous - culinary history, literature, deliciuos food! I always love reading (and now hearing) about how you've arrived at your ideas.
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