How long do potatoes last?

  • Posted by: lberson
  • December 5, 2010


jenmmcd December 6, 2010
It seems like organic potatoes don't last nearly as long as non-organic ones. Is that true? Are the non-organic ones sprayed with something to make them last so long? My organic pots seem to get eyes right away.
thirschfeld December 6, 2010
You can peel the green skin but that is sort of like cutting the mold off moldy bread and eating it anyway. Potatoes are part of the nightshade family and when the tubers turn green they develop a toxin, that goes deeper than the skin, that some people are more sensitive to than others. It can cause bloating, gas and even food poisoning like symptoms for some people. So do what you will but I think I will stick to avoiding green , shriveled and eyed potatoes.
nutcakes December 6, 2010
Basicaly they last until they are bad. Bad is very soft, rotten, black parts, too many eyes growing. I agree that with greenish tint and eyes, you can peel deeply if you like, but I avoid it. I store in a cool dark place, away from onions. I also keep thin skin pototatoes in the refrigerator with good results for a longish life.
RobertaJ December 6, 2010
@thirschfeld - Nonsense ! Scoop out the eyes if they're not too large, peel off the green 'till you get to "normal" looking potato and skip on by. Unless they're soft and mushy, smell bad, or literally growing new vines, they're fine if you prep them properly.

That said, I would *not* use potatoes with noticably green skins for appolications where they will not be peeled, i.e. baked. If you see a green tinge in the skin, peel them. Mashed, boiled, steamed, in salads, stews, etc. will be fine if they're peeled.

Like @mejesster said, store properly, especially no light, and not in close proximity to onions, dry and cool (but not in the fridge) and they'll be fine for a good long while..
mejesster December 5, 2010
That depends on conditions. If stored properly, they can last several months (low temperature, high humidity, no light).
healthierkitchen December 5, 2010
depends on the kind of potato too. I find that the baby potatoes and fingerlings do not hold as long as russets large Yukons. Also depends on how fresh they are when you buy them!
thirschfeld December 5, 2010
If they have sprouted or worse the skin and just below is green you need to pitch them and start a new.
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