Could i serve quince with pheasant confit?



AntoniaJames December 6, 2010
The quinces here in No Cal are really nice this season. Thanks for the info luvcookbooks on the recipe sources!! I'm crazy about quince too, though I haven't the patience to peel and core it. ;o)
luvcookbooks December 6, 2010
Baked quince is beautiful and would make a nice textural contrast. Google baked quince and you'll find lots of options. This season's quinces are not very flavorful or aromatic, so do think about some spice. Also honey is marvelous paired with quince. I like Fran Gage's quince recipes in her baking books. She includes a nice quince orientation for the quince naive. Middle Eastern cookbooks have savory quince recipes as well. Hope you become a quince convert! (luvquinces)
innoabrd December 6, 2010
I shouldn't think why not. maybe a quince jam/jelly heated and used as a sauce? With a bit of spice in it? maybe a touch of clove?
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