It's all about timing - how long to reheat stuffing and mashed potatoes while the turkey's cooking?

My turkey breast (prepared "Porchetta style") will roast at 275 for ~2 hours. When should I put in the mashed potatoes and stuffing (6-8 servings each) to heat up? Yours truly, Math Idiot



Monita November 28, 2013
To you as well
MsDivinaLoca November 28, 2013
Thank you again :) Happy Thanksgiving!
Monita November 28, 2013
Then go with 40 minutes. Take the potatoes and stuffing out of the fridge 30-40 min before going into the oven so it's not going in ice cold
MsDivinaLoca November 28, 2013
Thank you, Monita! Normally, I'd reheat (at least the stuffing) at 325 for 30-40 minutes. So the lower oven temperature doesn't extend the reheating time?
Monita November 28, 2013
30-40 minutes before you expect the breast to be done
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