I have a timing/oven temp question: my stuffing needs to go in the oven at 475 for 30 minutes or so after the turkey comes out, while my mashed potato recipe calls for 30 minutes at 350 (the potatoes are mashed in advance). I could reheat the potatoes over a double-boiler, but I like the texture they get when I put them in the oven. Will both recipes work with a temperature in the middle? Other suggestions? Thanks!



grandmasrecipes November 24, 2010
Thanks, all! 475 sounds a bit high to me too, but that's what Jonathan Waxman calls for! http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Sage-Brined-Roast-Turkey-with-Oyster-Dressing

I think I'll do 350 and take healthierkitchen's advice to bump it up a bit if the end if my stuffing doesn't have a glorious crust yet. :)
healthierkitchen November 24, 2010
I would think the stuffing could easily warm and even crispen if that's what you want, at a lower temp. I wouldn't want to cook the potatoes much higher than the 350 though. I think I would use 350 and cook them together, and put the stuffing in about 15 minutes earlier. that would give the stuffing about 45 mins. and the potatoes the required 30 mins. Once you take the potatoes out, you could always ramp up the oven a bit for a few minutes if the stuffing still needs its crust.
chefdaniel November 24, 2010
Your stuffing just needs to brown anyway if like most dressing recipes. go for it. Sounds like a good old southern meal to me.
drbabs November 24, 2010
I take it you only have access to one oven? (My microwave has a convection function that I use as a second oven on holidays and parties; that's why I asked.) 475 seems high to me for stuffing--have you cooked it at that temperature before? If you cook the potatoes at a higher temperature, wrap them well in foil to insulate them a little and cook them for less time. (Hard to say how much--both at 400? 40 minutes for the stuffing and 20 for the potatoes?)
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